This article is about a/an suit actor in the Super Sentai series.
Yasuhiro Takeuchi
Yasuhiro Takeuchi
Born March 8, 1969
Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Role(s) Various suit and stunt roles
Various tokusatsu series, including the Super Sentai

Yasuhiro Takeuchi (竹内 康博 Takeuchi Yasuhiro?) is a recurring suit actor. He has done some stunt work for Abaranger and Dekaranger. He has done various and diverse roles, but by 2010, he plays his very first Red Ranger in Goseiger. He also briefly played Gosei Green in one episode of Goseiger, though Gosei Green had no visible helmet. He reprised Gosei Red in Episode 2 of Gokaiger and 199 Heroes movie.



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