This article is about a/an villain in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
Gorma Emperor XV
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Ruler
Season: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Ep. 20: First Public Opening Of The Gorma Palace
Last Appearance: Ep. 49: Iiit's the Final Decisive Battle
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Actor: Munemaru Kōda

Gorma XV (ゴーマ十五世 Gōma Jūgōsei?, 20-49) The 15th Emperor of Gorma Tribe who mysteriously resurfaced to reopen the Gorma Palace with the intent to restore his crumbling empire to its former glory. He is an extremely powerful entity, though a bit insane. The insanity was inherent aspect of all Gorma's past 14 emperors due to power of Earth Shaking Jewel which supplies the Emperor's power with an unlimited supply of the "evil energy" for him to live, though only few actually know the truth. The Emperor was more of a sadistic, heartless creature with a "playful" outlook on things. However, the Emperor got more serious when saw Lieutenant Colonel Shadam's intent to overthrow him. He was hoping for Shadam to fall to their enemies for him to rule the world forever. But when Shadam became next in succession and demanded the Earth Shaking Jewel, the Emperor refuses and attempts to use it to kill Shadam himself. However, the Emperor's own conceit was a flaw as Shadam revealed he recreated the Emperor from clay, only letting him live until Shadam became Emperor himself and Gorma's official leader. With that revelation, Shadam managed to steal the Earth Shaking Jewel. The former Emperor revealed his existence to RyuuRanger, TenmaRanger and KirinRanger, but was reduced to clay dust before he could warn them about Shadam's real plan.

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