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Normal MonstersEdit

The Black Cross ArmyEdit

Main article: Independent

Main article: Sunring Mask's Army

Main article: Iron Mask Temujin's Army

Main article: Volcano Mask Magman's Army

Main article: Golden Mask's Army

Criminal Organization CrimeEdit

Main article: Devils

Main article: Robots

Secret Society EgosEdit

Main article: Egos Monsters

The Vader ClanEdit

Main article: Vader Monsters

Machine Empire Black MagmaEdit

Main article: Black Magma Monsters

Dark Science Empire DeathdarkEdit

Main article: Synthetic Beasts

Main article: Super Synthetic Beasts

Main article: Hightron Synthetic Beasts

Tail-Bearing People's Clan Jashinka EmpireEdit

Main article: Evolution Beasts

Main article: Mechavolution Beasts

Neo Empire GearEdit

Main article: Beastnoids

Main article: (Neo) Mecha Gigans

Great Star Group GozmaEdit

Space Beast Warriors

Reconstructive Experiment Empire MessEdit

Beast Warriors

Deus Beast Warriors

Underground Empire TubeEdit

Main article: Earth Imperial Beasts Doggler

Armed Brain Army VoltEdit

Main article: Brain Beasts

The Violent Demon CommunityEdit

Main article: Violent Demon Beasts

Silver Imperial Army ZoneEdit

Main article: Galactic Warriors

Main article: Combined Galactic Warriors

Main article: Others

Dimensional War Group VyramEdit

Main article: Dimensional Beasts

The Bandora GangEdit

Main article: Dora Monsters

Main article: Dokiita-Dora Monsters

Main article: Zyu2 Monsters

The Gorma TribeEdit

Main article: Zydos' Servants

Main article: Gara's Servants

Main article: Others

The Youkai Army CorpsEdit

Main article: Minor Youkai

Machine Empire BaranoiaEdit

Main article: Bacchus Wrath's Beasts

Main article: Bomber's Beasts

Main article: Buldont's Beasts

Main article: Others

Universal Reckless Driving Tribe BowzockEdit

Main article: Gorotsuki

Wicked Electric Kingdom NejirejiaEdit

Main article: Dr. Hinelar's Beasts

Main article: Guirail's Beasts

Main article: Psycho-Nejilars

Main article: Other Megaranger Beasts

Space Pirates BalbanEdit

Main article: Sambash Majin Gang

Main article: Budoh Majin Mob

Main article: Iliess Majin Tribe

Main article: Battobas Majin Corps

Main article: Demon Beasts

The Calamity Demon ClanEdit

Main article: Gill's Beasts

Main article: Zylpheeza's Beasts

Main article: Cobolda's Beasts

Main article: Denus' Beasts

Main article: Drop/Salamandes' Beasts

The Londerz FamilyEdit

Main article: Londerz Prisoners

Main article: Hell's Gate Prisoners

Demon Tribe OrgEdit

Main Article: Baron Orgs

Universal Stealth Group JakanjaEdit

Main Article: Bionin Corps

Main Article: Mechanic Corps

Main Article: Mask Corps

Main Article: Phantom Beast Corps

Main Article: Other Hurricaneger Dark Ninjas

Invasion Garden EvolianEdit

Main Article: Wicked Lifeforms
See Also: Trinoids and Giganoids

Space Criminals AlienizerEdit

Main Article: Minor Alienizer

Underground Hades Realm InfershiaEdit

Main Article: Hades Beasts

Main Article: Hades Beastmen

Main Article: Other Hades Beasts

The Negative SyndicateEdit

Main Article: Gordom Minions

Main Article: Wicked Dragons

Main ArticleGreat Evil Dragons

Main Article: Tsukumogami

Main Article: Quester Robos

Main Article: Precious Creatures

Confrontation Beast HallEdit

Main Article: Beast-Men

Main Article: Mythical Beast-Fist

Barbaric Machine Clan GaiarkEdit

Main Article: Barbaric Machine Beasts

Main Article: Braneworlds


Main Article: Ayakashi

Evil SpiritsEdit

Main Article: Universal Insect Monsters

Main Article: Minor Yuumajuu

Main Article: Matroids

Space Empire ZangyackEdit

Main Article: Action Commanders


Main Article: Metaloids

Deboss ArmyEdit

Main Article: Debo Monsters

Shadow LineEdit

Main Article: Shadow Kaijin

Evil RangersEdit

See: List of Evil Sentai Rangers


  • Fake JAKQ
    • Spade Ace
    • Dia Jack
    • Heart Queen
    • Clover King

Goggle VEdit

  • Deathdark Five (45)
    • GoggleRed
    • GoggleBlack
    • GoggleBlue
    • GoggleYellow
    • Goggle Pink


  • Fake Dynamen
    • DynaRed
    • DynaBlack
    • DynaBlue
    • DynaYellow
    • DynaPink


  • Ginga Sentai Gingaman (9-47)
    • Baikanian / Ginga Red
    • Monomenian / Ginga Blue
    • Grachisian / Ginga Black
    • Fujiminian / Ginga Pink
    • Gringanian / Ginga Yellow
  • Fake Fivemen
    • FiveRed
    • FiveBlue
    • FiveBlack
    • FivePink
    • FiveYellow


  • Shadow Jetmen (25)
    • Red Hawk
    • Yellow Owl
    • White Swan
    • Blue Swallow


  • Fake Zyuranger (46)
    • Dora Mirage / TyrannoRanger (46, 49-50)
    • MammothRanger
    • TriceraRanger
    • TigerRanger
    • PteraRanger


  • Fake Zyuranger (14)
    • Crayfishmonster (TyrannoRanger)
    • DragonRanger
    • MammothRanger
    • TriceraRanger
    • TigerRanger
    • PteraRanger


  • Copy Dairanger (25)*
    • (3) RyuuRanger*
    • (3) ShishiRanger*
    • (3) TenmaRanger*
    • (2) KirinRanger*
    • (3) HououRanger*
    • (1) Copy Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh


  • Flowery Kunoichi Team / Hana Rangers (15-53)*
    • Ayame / Blue Sweet Flag*
    • Sakura / Pink Cherry Blossom*
    • Suiren / Green Water Lotus*
    • Yuri / Orange Lily*
    • Ran / Purple Orhid*


  • Bōsō Sentai Zokuranger (25)
    • SS Pamaan / ZokuRed (25)
    • ZokuBlue
    • ZokuGreen
    • ZokuYellow
    • ZokuPink


  • Jaden Sentai Nejiranger (38-43, 48)
    • NejiRed / NejiPhantom (38-43, 48)
    • NejiBlack / NejiVulgar (38-43, 48)
    • NejiBlue / NejiBizzare (38-41, 48)
    • NejiYellow / NejiSofia (38-43, 48)
    • NejiPink / NejiJealous (38-40, 48)


  • Copy Timeranger (25-26)
    • TimeRed
    • TimePink
    • TimeBlue
    • TimeYellow
    • TimeGreen
    • Copy TimeRobo Alpha


  • Copy Sentai Copyranger (12)*
    • GaoRed*
    • GaoYellow*
    • GaoBlue*
    • GaoBlack*
    • GaoWhite*
  • Shade Rangers (43)
    • GaoRed
    • GaoYellow
    • GaoBlue
    • GaoBlack
    • GaoWhite
    • GaoSilver


  • Fake Rangers (48)*
    • Fake Hurricaneger*
      • HurricaneRed*
      • HurricaneYellow*
      • HurricaneBlue*
    • Fake Gouraiger*
      • Kabutoraiger*
      • Kuwagaraiger*
    • Fake Shurikenger*


  • Jamei Sentai Evoranger (30)*
    • Trinoid #10: Sharkarmarguertto (15-16) / SharkaRed*
    • Trinoid #11: Ayameganezumi (17) / Ayamega Blue*
    • Trinoid #3: Tensaikikku (11)* / Tensai Yellow*


  • Madou Sentai Yamiranger (Stage Show)*
    • MagiRed*
    • MagiYellow*
    • MagiBlue*
    • MagiPink*
    • MagiGreen*
  • Fake Magiranger (43)
    • MagiRed
    • MagiYellow
    • MagiBlue
    • MagiPink
    • MagiGreen


  • Vril / VrilBlue / VrilDaibouken (8)
  • Copy Boukenger (40)
    • BoukenRed
    • BoukenBlack
    • BoukenBlue
    • BoukenYellow
    • BoukenPink
  • Gajah Dengekitai (30 Sentai Encyclopedia: Special File # 12)
    • Red Karth
    • Blue Karth
    • Pink Karth
    • Green Karth
    • Gajah / Big One

See AlsoEdit

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