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Transformation DevicesEdit

Transformation Brace ToQ ChangerEdit

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Appli ChangerEdit

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Multi-Use DevicesEdit

ToQ ResshaEdit

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Rainbow PassEdit

The Rainbow Pass (レインボーパス Reinbō Pasu) are special cellular-like devices that all of the ToQgers have, functioning as their belt buckles and communicators. It also allows them to board onto the Ressha, for which it would be impossible to enter without. Also, they can be used like credit cards to access Wagon's concession cart or to purchase items anywhere they journey to. However, also like a credit card, the funds are not without a catch: they have to repay the money they had spent on non-returnable items (like food) by performing chores on the train.

In the ToQger vs. Gaim Special, NarutakiIcon-crosswiki possessed an orange-colored Rainbow Pass before giving it to Kota Kazuraba, allowing him to enter the Ressha, who then gave it to Mai to try to get her out of Zawame City. It is clearly unknown how and where Narutaki found and obtained this Rainbow Pass.

Wagon has a personal Rainbow Pass in the same shade of purple her body has, which she uses to snap pictures of herself.


  • If you look closely, you can see the year 1975, which is when the Super Sentai Series started, and the number 38, which is how many years the franchise had went for until April 5, 2014, where it will then be 39 years.


ToQ BlasterEdit

The Revolving Gun-Sword ToQ Blaster (回転銃剣トッキュウブラスター Kaiten Jūken Tokkyū Burasutā) is the standard sidearm of the core ToQgers. It can change from Uchimasu (ウチマスGun Mode) to Kirimasu (キリマスSword Mode) Modes by turning the weapon near the grip. The Blaster will announce the name of the Mode it is switching into.

On the sides of the weapons on the part that rotates are English letters of "Blaster Mode" and "Blade Mode" of the two modes of the ToQ Blaster.

By flipping the top of the ToQ Blaster in Uchimasu Mode or the bottom of the blade in Kirimasu Mode, Ressha can be placed inside the weapon to boost the effects of the attacks.

Individual Weapons and Team WeaponEdit

Renketsu BazookaEdit

The Combination Departure Cannon Renketsu Bazooka (合体発車砲レンケツバズーカ Gattai Hassha Hō Renketsu Bazūka lit. "Connection Bazooka") is the combination of the core ToQger's personal weapons. It is used by the ToQgers to finish off any monsters the ToQgers face, mainly Shadow Kaijin. The team signature attack with the Renketsu Bazooka is the Rainbow Rush (レインボーラッシュ Reinbō Rasshu), whose attack is powered by the Energy Ressha (エナジーレッシャー Enajī Resshā) and its effect reflected in the shooter's imagination. This ability is similar to the power of the Gorenger Hurricane, where an object emerges to defeat a monster associated with it as created by the team.

Rail SlasherEdit

The Rail Slasher (レールスラッシャー Rēru Surasshā) is ToQ 1gou's personal weapon, resembling a stretch of railroad track. It can summon trail of railroad track for various purposes, from bind foes with, allowing easy dispatchment, to a defensive whip to act like pseudo-shield to smash all projectiles in front of the wielder. It can even launch other ToQgers forward for high-speed attacks.

Home TriggerEdit

The Home Trigger (ホームトリガー Hōmu Torigā) is ToQ 2gou's personal weapon, taking the form of a railway station. The targeting sights-like emblem on the weapon can be fired to paralyze foes, allowing one with overflashy combat moves to safely fire without retaliation.

Shingo HammerEdit

The Shingo Hammer (シンゴウハンマー Shingō Hanmā lit. "Signal Hammer") is ToQ 3gou's personal weapon, with the head of the hammer resembling a signal light. When the blue light on the Hammer is lit, it is charging up energy, and when it flashes to red, it releases all of the stored energy.

Tunnel AxEdit

The Tunnel Ax (トンネルアックス Ton'neru Akkusu) is ToQ 4gou's personal weapon, with the head of the axe resembling a cut-in-half tunnel. It is also remarkably heavy.

Tekkyou ClawEdit

The Tekkyou Claw (テッキョウクロー Tekkyō Kurō lit. "Bridge Claw") is ToQ 5gou's personal weapon, a bi-claw resembling part of a bridge. With some Imagination power, it can be enlarged, and any Kuros that get into the Tekkyou Claw by then would be the size of an ant.

Yudo BreakerEdit

The Yudo Breaker (指導ブレーカー Yudō Burēkā lit. "Guidance Breaker") is ToQ 6gou's personal weapon, which is stylized after a light guide stick. It is powered by the Drill Ressha.

Daikaiten CannonEdit

The Daikaiten Cannon (大回転キャノン Daikaiten Kyanon lit. "Great Rotating Cannon")[1] is a cannon capable of shooting several Resshas one after the other by rotating them.



Transformation DevicesEdit

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Individual Weapons and Team WeaponEdit

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